The Quantum Myrrh

A Proto-Nest of the Church of All Worlds

"It never matters how much you know, but it always matters how much you care..."---The Adventurers

Welcome to the Adventury! We are a group of Primate Adventurers and Spiritual explorers devoted to the coordination, navigation, and maintenance of  Quantum Myrrh.

We are Prosperous legally ordained Clergy, Druids, Healers, Herbalists, Teachers, Tinkerers, Inventors, , Witch's, Wizards,  and Ecstatic Eclectics constantly pushing the boundaries and possibilities of Magick, Mystery, Ritual, and what humanoids call reality!





The Adventury is  Proudly Comprised of:



Merhamet:  Kemetic, Herbalist, Seer, Shapeshifter, Scribe, Librarian, Singer,  Costumer, Ritual Coordinator, Legal Clergy


Augur:   Eclectic practioner, Energist, Channeler, Inventor, Tinkerer, Renaissance man, Touchstone, Legal Clergy


Keylifi  Egyptian Kemetic, Ritual Coordinator, Artist, Seer, Dancer, Healer, Organizer of all whirling ideas, Legal Clergy


Calas:   Druidic, Diplomat, Ambassador, Creates in the "here and now" , Warrior, and Wisdom keeper, Legal Clergy


Crowsong: Healer, Reiki master, Counselor, AA Sponsor,  Chakra Balancer, Legal Clergy, Intergalactic Steampunk Hippy


Yodywnn:  Intuitive, Empath,  Divinatory Queen, Crafter, Weaver,  Stone/Mineral expert, lover of all Cthulhu and Octopi


Erasmus:  Eclectic Practioner, Captain of the Leviathans,  Positivity meter, Handler of Monetary coinage, Innovative spark


Khepri:   Quantum physics in action, Astral traveler, Daredevil, Shape-shifter, Explorer, Changeling, Charmer




We offer the following services:




House blessings/Cleaning your Sacred Space


Handfasting/Legal Weddings


Handpartings (a spiritual divorce)


Baby Blessings


Crossing overs/Funerals


Rites of Passages for every phase of life:  Puberty, Naming, Manning/Maidening, Mothering/Fathering, Crone/ Sage, Warrior, and more! 




Divination Services: Tarot, Runes, Scrying, Dream Interpretations


Distance Healing




Past life regression services


Public rituals


Interfaith Ministry


Public Workshops on any of our specialties 

Life Coaching


Energy Specialists