The Quantum Myrrh

A Proto-Nest of the Church of All Worlds

Ritual:  Imbolc  "Feed the Fire" (All are welcome!)
When:  Sunday, Jan 24 4-6 pm
Where:  Cooper Walker Place, 1015 S Cooper, Memphis Tn
What to bring:  Your own feast ware, finger food/appetizer to contribute to feast

Join us as we Align our energies this Quarter with the Maiden Aspect of the Goddess Brigid and ask her to assist us as we pursue Creativity and Inspiration in our Spiritual lives.

Memphis Pagan Meet and Greet

Where:  Shoneys on Summer avenue in Bartlett, Tn

When:  January 20th 7-9pm

Come and meet other Pagans in your Mid south area. As usual we will share events in the Midsouth, and discuss interesting topics and get to know one another.  We always meet in the reserved room in the back.

What: February Magick Class:  War, Magick and Competition
Where:  Cooper Walker Place 1015 Cooper Young, Memphis, Tn
Price:  Love donation

To deny the existence of Gods and Goddesses of War is to deny the whole picture of our Witchy path and our existence in the modern world.  When we do not learn how to work with this energy, it manifests itself through the psychological projection of  Narcissism and will over run the Ego.  Come and join us as we learn about this energy, and work to integrate it NOT tame it in ourselves and in our lives.
What:  Star Wars Ritual:  Awaken the Force Within (All are welcome)
When:  Sunday, February 21st 4-6 pm
Where:  Cooper Walker Place, 1015 Cooper Young
What to bring:  Feastware, food to contribute to the feast, Wear Something Star Wars if you got it!

This year, we are opening up several of our rituals for members of the Pagan Community to lead and share.  This ritual will be conducted by several individuals who have no degrees, no titles, are just people who love the craft and want to share their love with others!