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The Secret Ingredient of a Magical Life

Posted by [email protected] on July 21, 2015 at 12:25 AM

We have spoken to you of many things.  The time now has come to stop concentrating on Magical Thinking, but to implement Magical Doing. Magical doing comes about from doing not thinking; creating your own way of doing not copying and pasting someone else's way.  If this excites you, like it does us...then read on.

You would not work on a car without your tools.  You would not attempt to build anything without tools.  Yet, many of us want and "try to" live a magical life without tools.  Reading is not a is just information and a set of instructions.  So here are the tools you need to live the best magical life FOR YOU. 

Discipline:  There is magical thinking and then there is magical doing.  Magical doing is always the results of Personal discipline.  You can always come up with a host of ideas; but if you have not acquired the skills to pull them off then all you are doing is thinking and regurgitating.  Only when you are disciplined will you follow through on what you are thinking.  Only when you are disiciplined will you get up and work every day until you get the result you are wanting.

Please realize that self- discipline cannot be forced; it can be suggested or shown but can never be instilled on a person so that they become better at their Craft.  It can be as sexy and as fun as you want to make it.  So if you want to dread it every day, and force yourself to do things that you do not want to do naturally to train all means choose that path.


You can always get up at 5:30 take a 30 minute run, then take a cold shower, drink coffee, eat a low calorie breakfast and go to work feeling very "disciplined". Or you could get up and listen on your ipod to a very upbeat inspiring song for five minutes, sit outside and draw down the sun, eat a donut and get ready for work.  You could also get up sit outside observe nature for ten minutes write it all down, and then take the time to look up what the interactive hologram universe is saying to you.  All of these options are just as good as the other.  There are more options out there.  However, you must instill in yourself discipline, and practice that discipline to grow and achieve the results you want magically in life.

We would suggest choosing one that you would enjoy while doing it.  You have been programmed to equate discipline with pain and taking away by society, by your parents who disciplined you, by commercialism which implies suffereing and not enjoying.  Discipline like all things can be what you want it to be.  In short it is a habit that you have integrated into your being to make you achieve and recieve from the Universe better.

Journal:  Have a spiral notepad, little leather journal, something to write your experiences in every day.  In this same journal record dream messages, psychic impressions, animals or plants observed, and some spiritual scientific principal you learned that day.  If you try to tie this all together all the time it is highly unlikely.  But you can impose order on it...for this is what discipline is.  Promise yourself to read it from New Moon to New Moon, or from Full Moon to Full Moon, or better yet, from Sun Cycle to Sun Cycle.  It is all up to you...choose what works for you best.  

However, if you do not record your own workings you are not "creating magic" pasting and cutting and putting in your journal others workings is just is good to show yourself where you are getting inspiration from.  In the long run though, cuttings from other people's Book of Shadows or Prayers made by another person is no more than a scrapbook, or pressings of dried flowers.  Magical Information it is, a collection of stuff it is; but it is not magical substance.; Remember those people created their spells, and found their tools, developed thier discipline to 'copy' it does not give you their power....they earned theirs. Go earn yours.

Tools:  You may be expecting me to tell you Cup, Athame, Wand, Cauldron, Specific Herbs.  No, you need to find what you work with and work well with.  Paintbrushes, a Keyboard, Cameras, Writing Poetry, Making Montages, Growing a Garden...these can all be your tools.  They are no objects or actions that are less than each other. 

You are the Magic, finding out how to hone it; what you are good at, and what makes you happy to work with is the issue .  If you are happy doing it, you are doing it right.  That does not mean you will not get frustrated because you push to do it does mean you will enjoy doing it.  If not, stop...drop, and find something you do enjoy.

Community/Tribe/Friends/Allies:  These people are your tools too.  They sharpen you, they give you perspective that helps you flesh out your ideas.  They encourage you, and point out when you are being unreasonable to others, or too hard on yourself.  They do not make you feel "weird" "unloved" or like you have to "jump through hoops" or do "things their way" for you to be part of them.  Anyone who does this is not your community they are a "clique" or "bullies"  run do not walk away from these people.  That is their issue(s) not yours.

If you find people to share your happy with you are lucky indeed.  To practice with others and learn with others and from others is the greatest of all gifts.  At some point, you should attempt it and realize that if primates are communal and do not like to be fact cannot acquire basic primate skills without other humans to interact with; then you must realize Magick is the same way. 

Two makes it better, Three is a triad and makes manifestation quick, Four is a good balance and establishes a solid power base, Five is fanastic, Six can be seriously silly, Seven can bring out perfection in each of your skills, Eight rolls smoothly, Nine manifests Spirit and Divination "spot on"  ...they say 13 is one for each moon...but it is more likely and your first goal should be at least three people to share your happy with.  As you all grow happier together, more happy can occur for all of you, including yourself. 

You do not have to change who you are, how you dress, how you present yourself, or become a weird caricature of yourself, or buy a cape, robe, or special hat to do magick.  In fact, if the "community" you run into makes you feel "you must do this" then run do not walk away.  However, if you feel stilettos, a cape, and top hat make you feel "magical" then by all means wear it...and your "happy friends" should and will laugh with you and support you in it every step of the way.  Anyone who makes you feel like your "magical outfit" is "dumb" and "not magical" is not practicing discipline or "magic"...Let it roll off your back.

Today, look at your magical regiment.  Scrap it if you find yourself "forcing yourself" to do it "rather than looking forward to" doing it.  Scrap the idea of being magical AT ALL if you do not instill Discipline...choose another path. 

*********This is our 19th transmission. Scrap the books, Stop printing off other people's spells, Quit buying potions on Etsy to give you what other people earned; make it yourself, refine it, figure it out, desconstruct it, master it.  Discipline yourself, then share it with others. 


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8:59 PM on July 20, 2015 
I live in Western Colorado. Wish I was closer to you