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F*^k the light, Go Dark!

Posted by [email protected] on December 24, 2015 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (38)

As many people are celebrating the “return of the light” and filling up their internal empty holes to the brimming with consumerism and running about like anxious fools; some of us are perfectly content not running to the glitter and sparkle, not stringing up lights and singing “Holiday songs”. We are choosing to Go Dark this Season, because the dark does not scare us it thrills us it means that we have a period of contemplation before us; a time to rest and replenish. A period of a few months to not take everything "so seriously".

Nature is sleeping. This is one of the quietest Sabbat periods of the year that of Yule to Imbolc; it is a time of emptying, of checking in and staking stock and inventory and saying this is where I want to concentrate my efforts.

It is also a time of loving yourself and telling yourself how great you are, and how great you did in many areas of your life. Seriously, darkness is not a depressing time it is taking the time to love yourself and nourish your soul.

The choice to stay in the dark, dwelling in the dark, is to get to know ourselves to contemplate what it is we really want to do and the steps we are going to take to get there. Realizing that nothing big can happen for us in life without careful contemplation and strategically planned steps is what Witches that understand the mechanics of Magick do.

Programmers do not develop codes overnight for a program that is just a quick fix. Coding, takes time, and magick Big Magick life changing magick takes time also. Magick and programming are very similar, because Magick is the programming of your brain to do certain actions that lead to results you want to occur in your life. It is the conscious decision to change.

To know what you want to change, means you have to contemplate the results that you received last year; all of them. It will be hard for you not to label them as good or bad your culture has told you that pain and suffering and loss is bad and that happiness, joy, and love is is all a gift of the human experience.

Resist that impulse. Do not label the input of experiences just let them replay, write them down if it helps. Think of all the yearly physical experiences you had this past year, realize they are just memories a faded reflection of the actuality and have left some emotional “stain” on your mind and body. Let them.

This is dwelling in the dark. It is not wallowing in the mire, it is not plunging to despair it is the understanding that all feelings are proof of the fact that you are alive. Pain and Joy, Loss and Gain, Death and Birth, Separation from others and Support from others, are all experiences that are emotionally ranked by you. They are all just impulses; all stimulation.

The time for planning how you want to change is not even on the horizon yet. You will get there, but do not rush this process. Do not take away the experience of the darkness there is nothing to fear, it is all you. Animals do not shy away from the winter or dark they know that it is safe and perfectly natural; breathe…embrace the darkness.

Sit, sleep, drive, work, read, catch up on a Tv Series, go see a movie or three! You do not always have to DO or BE. Know that this time of year is to process, to take in, so that you understand you.

Know thyself. You can only do this in the darkness with no distractions, Magick is the art of programming your mind to CHANGE and go in a certain Direction to get a certain result.  Notice, the direction you went last year...

Just dwell/rest/party/celebrate the dark.

* This is our 27th transmission, Happy Holly days, and may the year 2016 be all you desire!



Merhamet Miller is a Third degree Prosperous Pop Culture Priestess that is contantly pushing the envelope in her life and in her magical existence; and she is constantly told that she is "intense".  She is one of the Contributers to Bad Witches, Legal Pagan Clergy, the Co-ordinator and Co-founder of Quantum Myrrh, and just an all around Occult geek.  You can find her on facebook @ Blood and Bone Flesh and Stone ; where all paths are celebrated and fun is always had!






We are all members of the Pudding Club this Holiday

Posted by [email protected] on December 4, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (5)

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As the winter Holiday approaches on the horizon we are reminded that the days are slowly clicking away toward some momentous event.

We feel impatient waiting for an arrival; not knowing exactly what it is we seek. The pull of gravity drives us to slow down, and as we withdraw from our external surroundings we find our “monkey minds” chattering away sending us bits, fragments and pieces of things that make little if any logical sense.

Smells, auditory noises, small visuals that if they were pieced together would make no linear montage but only a sequence of gifs that are animated and quickly flash to another image; but we are the active viewer in all of them. We are the observer, and are trying to process bits and pieces of things we saw this past year and did not completely absorb.

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If you have ever tried the skill of automatic writing you will find that your mind is a lot like this as Yule/Christmas/Winter Solstice approaches. You put the pen to the paper and out come sentences, and fragments of sentences. Trying to string any coherent thoughts together at this time seems elusive at best.

Pondering the meaning behind our vapid thoughts is not redundant there is a purpose to it. It is like a vomiting on the page when you are so angry that you best not say that to the persons face. It is akin to the act of writing to an abuser or molester that you will never ever see again all of the things that they made you feel and see.....only to find yourself crying, burning the paper up or throwing it in the trash. 

You need to get these feelings out; you must get all of these feelings outside of you.  You must dispose of the stains left in your brain in your psyche, and they will keep tumbling around in your head like a dryer until you release them.

image source:

Whatever it is left within you that needs to be “released” will come out before this Winter Holiday it has to because what is on the horizon is change, and a big one. You sense in yourself excitement and worry for there is no amount of prepping you can really do to get yourself ready for the birth of this change but you will try it anyway.

Just like parents that are decorating a nursery for a baby they have not met yet you find yourself gathering items together, writing down a plan, naming your goal out loud and trying to pre-determine how the new energy will re-act, act, play, and meander with you.

The mythos of many Spiritual paths have established in our group mind that December 22nd-25th is the time that a “Male baby” is born. Jesus, Mithras, Sol Invictus, Buddha, Krishna, Horus, Beddou, Attis, Tammuz all of these various deities from different time periods and different parts of the world were born in this gap of days.

To take this story literally would miss the mystical meaning within it, and as time passes in humanity we scorn our myths because we find them to be silly and trite. In reality, they hold a key…the key of a mystery. No, these fairy tales are not meant to be taken literally they are pointing to a mystery within you that of nature and its cycles and how you the human that lives on this planet reacts to it every year come rain or shine, snow or sunlight.

The feminine anima energy within you has decided to push out of you a creation and make that manifest outside of you in the physical world for all to see that energy is animus/masculine. Right now I should warn you.  This is a painful proccess, it cannot be avoided and it will hurt.  Giving birth always hurts, it is as natural as breathing air.

image source

At first just like any newborn it will be weak,  and you will be too.  It will be needy and require a lot of care and maintenance, and you will require rest but be hard pressed to find it. It, your new creation, will not be able to be ignored, to ignore it means you will kill whatever new creation lies on the horizon for you in the year 2016.

You can try to predict your new creation of 2016, just like parents who find out the sex of their baby before it is born and “pre-name it” or you can just let it manifest it is completely up to you. However, no matter what faith you practice the creation will occur. Everything is born from the womb of darkness.

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The morning dew is frozen on the ground, in some parts of the world the ice is constant and the snow thick it has become cold outside. The temperature dropping makes mammals naturally want to bundle up, huddle up, sleep more, and withdraw from the outside world. When we withdraw physically they mental part of us is heard better, this is why to meditate you must sit perfectly still and only listen to your breathing. 

In many spiritual sects, sensory deprivation is a requirement that must be accomplished before you even receive your iniation into the order for if you cannot purge your mind of nonsense and listen to your higher self then how can you possibly focus and dedicate? Stilling of the mind will be needed for the coming months if you are to possibly nurture the energy that is being born outside of you the week of December 22nd -25th.

You may find yourself dreaming of being pregnant, or floating in water, this is one of your tip offs. If you do not remember your dreams, do not worry just know it is occurring. This is why so many spiritual paths are asking people to gather together, to sing songs we all know and love, to light candles, to listen to calming meditative messages, to commune with fellow human beings.

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Underneath this weird paradigm we call the Planet earth is a requirement to give gifts to the birthing parents (you are the parents) that need as much encouragement as they can get because they will have on their hands something completely new and no manual comes attached that tells you how to properly raise it into fruition. Last year's energy manifestation is completely different from this years manifestation; if only it were that easy!

We, magical folk claim that “the light is returning” on December 22nd and this phrasing is one of hope that reminds us that even though outside things seem cold, greyish blue and damp that a spark has been lit and that the animus/masculine energy within us is waking up once again.

As this season approaches, be mindful of the mythos and go through the act of stilling your “chattering mind”, let go of all things that do not propel you forward for you will not have time for them anymore.A new energy is coming into your life and it will die if you do not feed it.

Celebrate this new energy, go to holiday parties and give gifts to friends family and co-workers realizing that you are gifting their anima/feminine energy for each of us is about to be a birthing mother and there is nothing more exciting than a new venture!  It is when we become aware of the mysteries playing out around us, that we become part of them.

Congratulations are in order!

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* This is our 26th Transmission and we wish you the best of luck on your new Spirit child, and this is what it means to join "The Pudding club".






How To Own a Daemon

Posted by [email protected] on November 18, 2015 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (2)

I struggle. I have days when I know I should write and meet a deadline that I have precariously set in my head; and then I do not meet self-generated deadline and then make myself guilty and hide away with a dark cloud over my head. If I let said cloud, rain on my head long enough I fall into a feeling of lethargy, constant darkness, and really find my inner voice giving up; and chanting let go stop struggling.

The alternative seems to be to “self coach” myself to get myself out of bed; using tough love and alot of coffee. If I sleep in even a little bit on these days I feel guilty and internally berate myself all day; because dwelling in the darkness too long means something is wrong with me, and I feel anxious that others might judge.

I Realize I become depressed due to some inadequacy I placed upon myself. I did not say I constantly suffer from depression; I said I dip into it…and could drown in it easily because it is my nature. In fact, if I did not have a small child that needs a schedule, a circle that I constantly help to maintain, a husband that needs me to be here, and grown children who need me to cheer them on, and friends that know my dark center I would probably just lay in the bottom of the big dark pool and breathe in and out the dark waters I seem to constantly want to dwell in.

On the days I feel this way; I withdraw and I chide myself for not being more perky and perfect and seeing the silver lining in everything. But on these days nothing is good, it is all dark, not even grey just dark. I fill my head with dark images, and watch horror films these are the only things that seem to resonate with me and soothe my inner beast.

I can see my pattern clearly. I realize I do it to myself. It is not an illness inborn; it is a sick-twisted-love-hate-passion thing I have innately created within my being-ness. You could claim I have a strong mind to get up and push through my self-created psychosis or you can say I am one sick twisted bastard depending on your outlook and binary outtake.

At some point I realized that I create these situations to put pressure on me to create something. Like placing pressure on coal to make a diamond…the more I do this the greater the output and the greater the creation that comes out of me. The more beautiful the words, the lyrics, the spells, the rituals; at least that is what I tell myself; I tell myself I push and put pressure on me to create, to do better, and to give more to others.

I do not self-mutilate through extinguishing cigarettes on my skin, or cutting. I do not self-mutilate through ingesting addictive drugs. I do not self-mutilate through alcohol or getting involved in very dangerous unhealthy relationships anymore (please note I said Anymore). I self-mutilate through the process of building myself up to let myself down; which leads to a spiraling inward depression state. When I finally bottom out, I just sit there staring out into space asking myself what am I doing? I feel anxious and the anxiety is so great I feel like I will break out of my skin and that if I do not get up and do something right then and right now I will just cry or scream whichever expends the most energy.

So I get up and do anything. I walk, I run, I tend animals, I build cages, I work in the yard, I mop the floor, i paint a wall, I call a friend on the phone and pace, I read a book and get lost in the feelings of another artist, I listen to music loud so loud it hurts my ears…anything other than just sit there in the oilslick waters.

I judge myself for feeling this way; I let myself wallow a few days in the mire of self-doubt, self-disappointment, and then the light seeps through. Finally the light breaks through and the cloud over my head disappears and I have an idea and run with it. I know my pattern. I wax and wane, I hide, and shine. I could mark it on a calendar and show you where very two weeks I will change. I know I am not the only one. I write this clearly and succinctly to reach out, to shatter all the “perfect Facebook posts” and little “ditties” you all think you seem to know about me. You don’t know me, you know the illusion I have set up for you to interact with; the real me lives in the inky jets just below the surface floating waiting to drown.

I write this to show you that we all are weak at the knees and have cracks and patterns and tendencies. Some of us are more watery, some of us love the dark, and some of us have to just be okay with being dark and figuring out a way to be that dark watery being without hating ourselves for being it. It has taken me years to learn to appreciate and love that dark Ophelia within me.

I am like the Moon Goddess. I am like the Water Goddess. I am like the Dark Goddess. I am the Shadow Goddess that seems familiar but whose name has not been uttered enough. I dwell in the in-betweens; neither here nor there. Not certain, yet not uncertain. Self-created but not self-prompted. I stand here completely naked, exposed, ribs hanging out, breathe jagged, mists swirling, eyes boring into yours……

Do you relate?

Do you embrace me?

Do you hate me for being so Dark?

Do you fear me or do you really just fear this part of yourself?

"We do not share ourselves to elicit pity.  We share our truths for with the sharing we share all of ourselves and this is what being intimate is all about. No greater sex has ever occurred than that of the mind to the soul"------Merhamet Miller

*This is our 26th transmission. We hope you come to embrace and not fear your Dark Goddess.









Necromancy it is not what you think.......

Posted by [email protected] on October 21, 2015 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

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It is no big secret in the Magical community that Samhain is the time most people will go to open circles. Like Christians run to Christmas pageants and Christ-masses; Magical people run to Samhain to get their ”yearly spiritual infusion”. The thing is they don’t really have a lot of variety to choose from, since most of us all do the same thing at Samhain; Necromancy.

Whoa! You say. No, I am not a dark magician you got the wrong Spiritual magical being here. Do you put out a dumb supper or leave food out for the dead at Samhain? That is a form of Necromancy. Do you face the west or go to the west quadrant of the circle you cast and invite in the Dead? Well that is necromancy. Do you light candles sending energy to your dead, or possibly sing chants to them, or lay out offerings to them? Then that is Necromancy. I said it, I let the cat out of the bag so to speak almost every Magical person practices some form (low or high) of Necromancy. WHY do we use Necromancy at Samhain?

Magical folk say that Samhain is a time when the “veil is the thinnest” thus we use that time to communicate with our dearly departed, and some of our magical Ancestors. In modern scientific terms we are claiming that Parallel universes do exist and we have access to them more readily during Samhain. In China just a few days ago there was a “mass sighting” of a city floating in the sky the Chinese government tried to claim it was just a “trick of light” but we magical folk know it is because the veil is thinning. What we humans cannot usually see so clearly is staring us in the face right now: all times, all places, all existences  are accesible and we always knew time was not linear....DUH we are Witches!

Image Source:

Traditionally you lay out a skeleton head on the altar at Samhain, have a black altar cloth and burn black candles. This is a time honored tradition that goes back further than we can re-collect that has to do with calling on the God of Death, or a Psychopomp God like Pan or Anubis or possibly Hel. How else can you communicate with your dearly departed on Samhain?

Black is the psychological color associated with death in most cultures, and though in the Neo-Pagan world it deals with banishing; on Samhain those rules usually do not apply. If you do not see black candles on the altar you will always see white ones, because white is associated with death too being the color of our bones after the flesh is removed and is psychologically purifying and cleansing.

The West is always associated with death. Either the youngest woman in the group or the Maiden Priestess in the group goes to the quadrant of Water the West end of the circle where many culture states the Gates to the Underworld are. That Maiden/young lady will state aloud a summons:

“Spirits walking on this night

Harken! Harken to my call!

Gather in this Circle Light,

Enter! Enter! One and all!

Whether you are plant or pet

or Human spirit roaming free

into this Circle you are let.

Blessings we bestow on thee

please say to us what you must say,

and give us all your worries deep.

And we will guide you on the way,

to peace and rest and gentle sleep.

Spirits walking on this night -

Harken! Harken to my call!

Gather in this Circle Light,

Enter! Enter! One and all!"

The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows By Dorothy Morrison

Image Source:

You lay out pictures, or talismans or objects of your dearly departed on the altar to summon the dead. Each person in the circle takes a turn stating the name of their dearly departed, and what they loved about them and what they miss about them now. They cry, or laugh, it is very emotional and the spirits of the dead ignite on that energy emanated.  The hand bell is rung and every person in circle states: “We will remember _________________”  together and it is amazing.   This is done all night long until each and every person in the circle; including the Priest and Priestess have honored their dead. 

People from different faiths especially Anthropology majors, Sociology majors, love to come to Samhain rituals; and seem to always be amazed at how moving they can be. What they never really understand is the custom of pulling at the Pomegranate and the Apple.

The Eldest Crone in the circle holds the Pomengranate and she goes around to each person in the circle and says…”Behold the seeds of death, partake” and each person that is there takes one seed and eats that seed understanding that as they take in the seed of death it is also symbolic for letting go any pain, hurt, or grieving of the previous year.  Swallowing that seed is also commiting to working your shadow working with the Goddess that winter.  The Crone offered you a boon; you took it...did you think this was all just theatrics?

After all have eaten the fruit of death; the youngest Maiden in the circle steps forth and offers a piece of apple that has been cut carefully to show the star in the middle. “Behold the fruit of life…” she states as each person takes a piece of apple and bites into the juicy offering. Many innately know that with biting into the Apple they have now replaced their sorrow and previous years fears and sadness with new hope, a fresh slate, a new beginning .  By Imbolc when the Maiden goddess returns you will be done with your Shadow workings and ready to launch your new improved self.  That is what eating the apple means, so please DO eat the apple after the Pomengranate; you don't want to work on shadow work all year do you?

Image Source:

At this point all circles divide a bit, they will either use divination of tarot cards, or runes to predict each person’s individual future for the new year.  The people in circle ask questions of the dead (it is understood that the person doing the divination is a channel for your dearly departed on this night) trusting that the dead have a better perspective than us living. If you have a gifted Priest or Priestess they might serve as a medium or use their channeling ability at this time to help you get some of the answers you seek from your dearly departed and this is done one on one. No one bats an eye at this, but if you throw the word Necromancy out there many people run for the hillsides making the sign of the Pentagram like it is a Cross holding back vampires.

The shift in energy begins at Samhain; no matter where you live you are not growing a very large garden that harvests a whole lot of food. If we all lived closer to the land, we would slaughter cattle and livestock to store back in the winter to help us survive; and begin some earnest canning. The harvest is over; the Dark half of the year in which the Crone Goddess reigns supreme begins. The energy of the Lover God transmuted to the Father God to shift again into the Ruler God who then Sacrifices himself for the good of the People and then he returns to his kingdom and reigns in the Underworld for part of the year.

After Samhain is the most auspicious time to make a do-able plan on what new adventures you will go on. These next few months it may seem like you are picking yourself apart or seeing flaws in others more but in reality you are being forced to work on shadow issues and notice how you project your issues onto others. Keep this in mind this winter, when you find yourself experiencing either the Winter duldrums or embroiled at the brink of an internet war.  This is the Dark half of the year; work on yourself!  Remember no one forced you to take the magick of the Crone this year.  Thank the Goddess, the Maiden will be back in full throttle around January 31st-February 2nd if you live in the Western Hemisphere. 

Samhain is the biggest time of the year for most Magical folk because it is a time when we can commune, connect, celebrate our weirdo selves and cackle unabashedly.  It is the embarking of a New Year where for just an hour or two all differences in magical theories and paths, and ways of being are laid aside so that we can all do what we do best; become the Magick.

Image Source: 

*This is our 26th transmission, Embrace your inner Necromancer and celebrate the New Year!



Why Drawing down the Moon doesn't work

Posted by [email protected] on October 7, 2015 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

image source

“Seek and ye shall find me”---attributed to Osiris and Jehovah

The Divine Masculine God is not hard to find whether you call him Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh, Mithra, Pan, Odin, Him. If you search for him, he is everywhere. He is vertical and above the ground. The tree that you see above the ground is the God, the mailboxes you pass on the street, every building, every column, everything that projects outward and upward points us to the obvious answer, the sun beams down upon you…"I am God they all reverberate."

You can visit any synagogue, temple, mosque or church and hear his words, see paintings, murals, stain glass windows to him, sing about him, and eat his body and drink his blood in the form of “sacraments”; and usually see an image of him dispensing the sacraments to you as a “he”. But if you are searching for something more than the God; and trying to resolve the other half or yourself you are going to have to go on a journey, a quest if you will…and at this time in the new millennial many of us have embarked upon that adventure.

Image Source

You feel it, the tugging the longing, the whispering in the breeze a soft gentle longing there an emptiness within yourself and it needs to be filled. Visual images flicker in your mind, you see beyond the “projected veil” made my humans you “sense” there is something more out there. Where are you, What are you, you find yourself asking? The inner pushing and longing does not dissipate you try to fill it with socialization, lovers, friends, alcohol, recreational drugs…but they all leave you wanting. You can feel the answer so close to you that your fingertips tingle in anticipation but still...nothing.

Sometimes you sense that you have seen it or felt it, when you listen to a song and the lyrics are speaking straight to your heart. When you send out a prayer and the billboard you pass on the freeway states exactly what you needed to hear. You scan newspapers, magazines, read every written word you can find and sometimes you hear that voice speaking to you it brings you comfort and fulfillment like you have never felt before. Yet our modern civilization tried to convince you that you are "hearing and seeing things" and "reading meaning" into nonsensical whimsy.

In quiet desperation you find yourself longing to speak to others and communicate. To do this you have to create something because words cannot say what it is you long to express. You write essays, you paint pictures, you dance until you drop, you create music, you write poetry, you take photographs.  "Look at what I am hearing", you state to the world, listen to the words.  I hear , I know things, you scream in the physical with your creations. Yet, no amount of crowd funding, selling of your works, friends laughing, and smoke billowing brings you the answer you are looking for. You are still looking EXTERNALLY.  Your society has conditioned you so well; externalization is not the answer.

Image Source:

Within each of us are two halves. One that is anima and one that is animus, yin and yang, feminine and masculine; these are Internal feelings and ways of being. We attempt to externalize them through clothing styles, gestures, tattoos, walking, posturing, styling our hair, growing out facial hair or removing it and yet no externalization of our physical form truly expresses the mystery.

You can join online mystery schools, find a physical mentor teacher that will share with you his/her experiences, you can be buried alive in a box, sensory deprived, sensory overloaded,  dunked in a body of water, covered in a shroud, given an online certification but until you understand the true mystery of HER you will always be in a fog.

Image Source:

No amount of makeup, high heels, skirts, breasts, vaginas, defines the Feminine divine. She is within you. She is the creatrix the part of you that longs to express to communicate, to share, to give, to bring about. She pushes you with a longing to be more you! She whispers to you that you are enough, that you have to deal with your shit and figure out how to heal yourself and through dealing with your personal demons and slaying them you too will become Goddess.  

She acknowledges your hurt, and embraces you but she states…”give it time and you will heal”. When you dwell too long in the victim role, she pushes you to get up shake it off and get back in there and assert your bad ass self. She, like any divine one makes you indulge in rest and self-care when you are bordering on exhaustion. She tells you to always extend compassion and kindness from your heart. She shows you that you are perfect in her eyes, and absolutely capable of the greatest wisdom of the ages. She says, “wisdom is gained from experience not books; go on out there and fall down, get up, brush it off, break a bone, get it set, fight cancer, survive it, lose a spouse, a child, a job, still find a reason to live, now you have gotten it little one; now you are learning how to fly!”

Image Source:

We go outside and raise our hands upward to the moon and the stars and say…”Come into me Goddess,” believing we draw her down into us.  We are so programmed to think of the divine outside of us that we cannot seem to grasp that it resides within us.  The Goddess laughs at us thinking we are amusing and states; "I am in you, just listen for like the moon itself I dwell within the deep waters of your body. I am in your organs, I am in your breath, I am in your bones, how can I enter you when I am already there, in fact if you look in the mirror and listen to me you might have known that already."  We still do not understand that this "Drawing down the moon" is a mystery, a tool to help us hear her more clearly it does not mean that she is not within us.

“For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am That which is attained at the end of desire and you who seek to know Me, know that the seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.”---Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente

Image source:

As the seasons change her voice becomes louder and more evident.  Listen to the Divine feminine within you.  Go on your quest, wander, get lost, find yourself again, fall down, fall apart, pull yourself together, and embrace your divinity.  For thou art Goddess, as well as God.

*  This is our 25th Transmission,  May you always Drink Deep!


Tree Wisdom, Inanna, and You

Posted by [email protected] on September 24, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The trees whisper to us of wisdom that they have learned long ago if only we listen.  They speak to us and tell us how life is a cycle.  Your sap rises, you grow, you extend, you bloom, you are green and growing, and then those things that were new and so bright start to feel heavy and lose meaning and no longer serve your higher self like they did.  You feel the weight of them; and we humans want to cling and refute the change.  We become stubborn, rigid, strained, sure that we still need everything.  We shift the burden, we try to argue the inevitable; we say..."we cannot possibly part with one thing." 

Then the weight and pressure of the outside world pushes you on all ends saying..."Are you sure you need all of that?"    You realize then that because you ignored the outside prodding and pushing your inside mental, and emotional health starts to waver.  Pressure increases, and finally you say........."Well maybe I could let go of a few things..."  and as you open up your mind, and your heart, you feel the pain, hurt, pressure, stress, all start to fall away.  It becomes easier as you let one thing go and then another. 

Of course at some point, you start to worry and let your mind start chattering worrisome transmission...If I let everything go will I just die?  Who will I be, if I do not have all this to define me?  How will people know who I am ?  You are afraid of the uncertain, and the "new" but life has made it pretty clear you HAD to let go. 

Inanna - Queen of Heaven by ShyloLove

"Before she descended, she put on all her ornaments of power, the seven symbols of her Queenship:

She put on her head the desert crown, put tiny lapis beads around her neck and longer lapis beads, dark and sleek, fell to her breast where two perfect oval jewels made a bewitching breastplate;

She took in her hand the measuring rod and the measuring line, and put on her wrist the golden ring.

Shadowing her eyes with seductive kohl, drawing over her shoulders the robe of heaven, the Goddess Innana began her journey. Thus did the great Goddess of Heaven begin her journey, she began her descent into hell."---Sumerian Poem

Autumn is the time of letting go.  There are many stories in Mythology of Gods and Goddesses letting go of things, possessions, roles, thoughts about themselves, and titles to embrace a new persona, a new way of being, and incoporating change and letting go of who they thought they were.  Many of them do not even become "Divine" until they grasp this wisdom.  They should have just listened to the trees.

Trees wave in the breeze green and lush smiling at the world and shading us during the spring and summer, their bodies lithe and bendable only letting go of branches that are either too heavy or too stiff.  The fall comes, and the winds blow  they not only sway their trunks and branches in the wind but they let go of their outer beauty...the foliage.  They do not worry will people mistake them for an "Oak tree" if they are an "Elm"  they do not care about changing or losing color or leaves; they do not express anxiety or displeasure about the changing that is required of them. 

They realize that it is all part of a process; and though very soon they may stand there looking bare and stripped.  They are alive and thriving underneath the bark and their roots do not worry about not finding resources.  In fact, trees do not worry about external things like that at all. They know that it is all a cycle, and they will be fine.

Trees are beautiful in Autumn perhaps more beautiful than any other time of the year.  They present to us a palette of colors:  butterscotch yellow, gold, maroon, red, shades of brown and beige.  They wave at us in a new way, saying watch...listen, the answer lies in these leaves falling.  Let go, you will emerge new again!

"Yosemite Park"

It is said that sometimes we cannot grasp spiritual practical meanings because we are too busy rushing around alway in a hurry.  We think that it might be because we are all so busy internalizing and pondering in our heads.  The simplest deepest lessons in life are all around you; this autumn listen to the trees.  Do not worry about letting go of things, roles, jobs, people, just let it happen.  It is inevitable to fight that which is natural is foolish; and we know that you are not foolish. 

This is our 24th transmission:  We hope that as you look at the trees, you hear their wisdom. Drink Deep!------Merhamet Miller

F*^k Success, Join Fight Club!

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Many of us are damaged and bleeding inside due to a traumatic event or events that occurred in our childhood. As adults, we are asked to run forward; ignoring the pain or medicating it. So we turn to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, strenuous exercise to numb the pain; or inflict another kind of pain that will obliterate the pain of our previous existence (cutting, destructive relationships, etc).

That is what it feels like a previous lifetime, one where you had absolutely no control over where you were manipulated and sentenced; and in many cases used and abused. We progress forward into 20 somethingness thinking that we now have control over ourselves no longer will we be powerless; but we will become powerful. That now with this new plethora of choices we will make great choices that land us in a place that terms us “Successful”. We wake up with a crisp bitterness in our mouth only to realize that life is not that easy…it’s a bit more complicated.

About 25 we stop and realize we are working a job full time, making little more than minimum wage and while we may or may not have found a lover we are not capable of maintaining a roof over our head without roommates and possible not capable of owning a pet with vet bills, and a mode of transportation, TV, Internet, Cable, Cell phone, and the insurances needed to maintain our health and transportation. We deem ourselves failures for we know from watching TV and what we heard our whole lives (from parents, fb statuses, instagram) that we should have these things by now. We look back and we notice where we picked a silly college degree and have loads of debt; or did not finish school and still have loads of debt, or got a practical degree and are still living with our parents. Thus, we conclude we must be failures at life. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Our culture has fed us a series of expectations that are unreal and very unrealistic. We have “swallowed the placebo” and “drank that koolaid” and we have run out of the gate of teenager-hood into twenty something and have become a cog in the BIG machine of consumerism and empty accomplishments. So how could we have run so hard, and jumped through so many hoops, and done everything so right to find ourselves NOT feeling successful?

Success is defined by our current society as owning and paying for things. It is not defined by wisdom, knowledge, application, or by slowly steadily learning. Success is defined by how many “sharp trendy items” you own or “sharp trendy people” you have slept with or know. Yet, it does not take very long to realize that these in and of themselves are meaningless not meaningful.

Relationships learning how to have them, and maintaining them are an important part of the growing process in your twenties. We on average approach every person like they might be “the one” when in reality dating is just shopping to learn what it is you like in a person; and acquiring knowledge and wisdom in regards to human companionship. You are not a loser, if by 25 you still have not maintained a relationship no date. NO expiration can be set on learning or growing. If by 25 you have still not managed intimacy or figured out your sexual orientation you have not “failed”. In a culture, saturated with sexual images you must remember this is a “false placebo” that is triggering within you something to spur you on and make you try harder so that you feel like you could still achieve success. But what if at 25 you have achieved this so-called success and still do not feel successful?

The current paradigm in our culture is one where the images and films and even novels written feed you a philosophy that says until you look like this you are not pretty/handsome. Until you have acquired this thing you are not “cool”. Unless you have sex like these articles or pictures you have not “experienced life”. If you bank account does not have this many zeroes behind it then you need to keep striving.

The hologram, which we exist in, is constantly flashing these images and implying to you that the harder you work the quicker you can fix the inadequacies in yourself. But if you stop and think about it, no amount of botox can make one truly happy. No iphone (insert any model here) really can make one “cool” and what defines that in one subculture never translates over to another subculture.

We start this mode of programming from birth. We are steeped in it in our School system, whether private or public. The home we grew up in, the income our family comes from, the car our parents drove, etc. etc. You have been programmed, and you agreed to the programming. However, the chance is here for you to UNPROGRAM yourself.

Stop defining yourself by empty paradigms. Ownership of things never brings happiness. If you have discovered a person who loves you for who you are; do not place limitations on it by saying they “are the one”; or they must “fulfill all my emotional needs”. Learn to fulfill your own emotional needs. It takes time, but it can be done. Stop beating yourself up or comparing yourself to things that there are no measurements for; like how great the sex is or how beautiful you are. These are all relative and really have no measurement other than the one you place on yourself. You made the measuring tape, you are the one weighing in…no one else.

Stop looking over your shoulder to a childhood full of trauma or not enough love or too much love and blaming it for the problems you are having today. Blame is a useless tool for people that want to be led, fed and medicated. Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Happiness, Delight, Exhilaration are all just emotional words we use to label adrenaline that pushes through our system or feels depleted within our system. No doctor can measure it, they ask you on a scale of 1-10 how you feel. You define it.  You make the label.  You overanalyze it and are convinced something is wrong with you. How would you know if everyone else feels the same? Isn't it possible that all primates feel these same emotions?  (Disclaimer: We are not implying that feelings and disorders are not real. We are however, pointing you back to yourself since you are creatrix of your own reality)

Even the words you use are not translatable person to person….even if you use the same language (English) Depressed, Anxious, Happy, Excited what a word means to one person never means the exact same thing to another person.  These are non-quantifyable words.  Just words, not universal truths.

What we have here in this current world is a whole bunch of people longing to escape, to have and to do. This is normal; primates are driven by biological imperatives. However, if we all move and shift then the world would not function at its current state. So the Hologram itself has decided to program us from birth into a system that leads one to “spin their wheels” and trick them into thinking they are moving and shaking. By the time you wake up from the program it is most likely you will be too old to do much about it; or too in debt. Or better yet, you will never un-program because it has been a conditioned habit rewarded through the hologram itself by iphones, Botox treatments, facebook friends, fancy cars, high speed internet, nicer homes, etc.

In Magick, and in life Once you know a thing, you become responsible for it. . Let go of the lie(s) of your generation, don't be angry about it and rage; flip it and use it to your favor.  Don't buy a definition of success pressed out by the "great machine".  Find a way, a gentle kind way to define success for yourself...this is how you become happy and successful.  Life is yours, shared with others.  YOU are capable of so much more than acquiring things....Fight the programming.  Fight the negative labels you are placing upon yourself.  Fight to become the success you define.  You have that right; now take it!

***This is our 23rd transmission:  EVOLVE


The Whys and Hows of QM Open Circles

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Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.

— John Quincy Adams

We have many people that have inquired about our Public Circles and why we do them the way we do.

Before our public circles we have an Information session; in which we explain a Scientific principle.  This Sunday, we will meet and discuss Newton's Laws of Motion.  Why?  Because knowing Why and the How of magick is more essential than just following directions of a Highpriestess or Highpriest in circle. Motion is essential in life, in magick and for energy to be raised.  If you understand some of the Laws of Motion then you understand...Why Motion is essential in Magick and is practical.

1.  Raising energy in magical circles is understanding scientific principles of Motion

2.  Words have meaning, thus when we gather together and agree on the meaning the words become Spells.

ALL words have meaning.  For example the word "Abracadabra" is a word that has become incoporated into our current culture to mean..."I am doing something magical and transforming something.  However, the origin of the word is a little different. One of the oldest records we have of “Abracadabra” being used is a snippet from a Roman sage named Serenus Sammonicus in the 2nd century AD from his Liber Medicinalis:

"The malady the Greeks call hemitritaeos is more deadly. None of our ancestors could name this disease in our own language, nor did they feel the need to. On a piece of parchment, write the so-called ‘abracadabra’ several times, repeating it on the line below; but take off the end, so that gradually individual letters, which you will take away each time, are missing from the word. Continue until the (last) letter makes the apex of a cone. Remember to wind this with linen and hang it around the neck. Many people say that the lard of a lion is effective . . ."

In reality what you have here is a group of people deciding together and appointing a WORD to have power.  The word was Abracadabra.  If you notice and read the instructions above you also see, that the talisman Abracadabra is not unlike a modern day SIGIL.  Which is contrived by eliminating letters that you do not need anymore.  In a matter of speaking the word was given magick by belief and by consensus just like things become magical today.

3.  Symbols speak to our subconscious. To understand Magick we have to understand the Sciences and how our Brain works, group mind, individual mind, biological mind.

A layman will no doubt find it hard to understand how pathological disorders of the body and mind can be eliminated by 'mere' words. He will feel that he is being asked to believe in magic. And he will not be so very wrong, for the words which we use in our everyday speech are nothing other than watered-down magic. But we shall have to follow a roundabout path in order to explain how science sets about restoring to words a part at least of their former magical power.

— Sigmund Freud

4.  Magick and the Creative Arts go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Most circles or gathering at Quantum Myrrh will include Music, Chanting, Dancing, or stating a phrase over and over again until a rhythmn arises.  This establishes a Pace that all join in with.  Then we find as a group a Volume from softer to louder arises naturally (even if you are listening to music and dancing to it, or beating a drum). A Tone that started off soft or normal then becomes more sharp, and pronounced all of these things together weave in an out creating a Masterpiece of Melody and Harmony that leads to a Inflection, Climax, and Release.  Then silence, sometimes laughter, but always grounding and remembering you where you are and who you are with.

There is a reason it is said there is an "Art of the Craft"; at QM we practice it!

5.  Magick is a feast for the senses! Colors, Herbs, Stones, Physical statues all work together to faciliate a Physical Spiritual Experience.

An Atmosphere is set; all of your senses are awakened and this helps facilitate a trigger in your mind that you about to do something not "everyday" for you thus it is important and you focus better.The altar is beautifully decorated, there are statues there and bowls.  Tapestries are laid out on all the tables, candles lit, incense is burning, Sage is often used to smudge, herbs are burned in a cauldron.  All of these things trigger your physical self to say...Wow pay attention something is at work!  Later in the week or month when you burn incense, or Sage, or light a candle you will remember that time with others that you did workings with them.  Magick is also about "memories" deposited in your brain.

6. Open circles are a great way to do magick! 

Gathering together with others that believe as you do reinforces your hope, dreams, and confidence in yourself, your skills, and the community you live in. You can always do magick at home alone, oh yes you can.  However, humans are social animals.  Stepping out and making friends with others that have similar interests as you is part of "life".  As you meet more and more people that believe similarily to you and accept you and like you for who you are; then you gain self-love, self-confidence, and your personal Magick gets better!  You also pick up a trick or two, singing a song you learned on the ride home from work or using a technique you used with others in your own personal Spiritual time. Nifty huh?

7.  After working Magick together there is a Feast!

You learned something, you met new people, you worked magick together and after it is all over then you all gather and sit down and grab a plate of food.  All the people who gather for Magick bring something to contribute to the meal and in the South we call this a "potluck" but not too long ago these were called "feasts".  Every family brings a contribution that has their energy in it whether they purchased it with money energy or made it with their time, oven, and hands.  Thus you are sharing energy even after the Magical circle with people.

When you sit down and eat together you bond.  This is part of the Human Sciences.  If you eat together, you become closer and you take the time to small talk, chat, laugh, exchange personal information and try new "dishes".  Thus you expand, and you as a person grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, from this experience.  Who doesn't love food and fellowship?

****This is our 22nd Transmission we hope our explanations appeased your quizical minds; if not please feel free to come and join us in person!

Please feel free to join us this SUNDAY @ Cooper Walker Place, 4-6pm as we explore Newton and the Laws of Motion,

Wear street clothing, bring your children they are welcome, and contribute to the Potluck if you can!

5 Gifts Problems Give to You

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"You seek problems out; because you need their gifts..."Richard Bach

Everything seems like it was going in your favor, coming together nicely and then "wham" "bam" you hit a snag, a set back, a 'problem' arises.  When we are in the middle of a problem that has to be resolved to get on with our lives we never really feel like there is any good in it at all.  I am here to tell you that there is.  Furthermore, we are going to share with you a secret; ready?  You sought it out!

Yes you did.  You went looking for it; because you knew that to find it meant uncovering a richer deeper hoard of gifts about you; that you had no idea you possessed!  When Problems come a knocking; gifts are on their way to you.  Gifts you will always have access too!  Hooray!

Problems help you measure your "wantingness": The first gift it brings is to show you how bad you want whatever it is you said you wanted.  When problems arise, if you really want the concept, love, object, dream you will either hustle to resolve the said problem or you will realize.  Nah, it is not worth it. This is good because in life you do not need to waste your time with anything you just have to have it.  Whether it be a job, a relationship, a pair of shoes, singing backup on a new record.  When a problem arises in that area, you stop.  Take stock, ask yourself is this really what I want?  Am I willing to toss and turn, and fight for this? Do I want to invest energy and sweat equity into this issue to get to what i want?  If not, move on.  Nothing lost really.

Problems bring you closer to your friends and family (blood or chosen).  Funny how we really take for granted our support network most of the times.  However, when we go through a tough time where problems seem around every corner we might find it is the most "intimate" and "bonding" experiene we have had in quite some time with friends and family.  Problems, we need to share them, and once we share them we usually find that in a few moments we have a friend or ally that is willing to walk arm and arm with us, change our perspective on it, make us laugh, and get us dancing toward our destination.  They also show us who are friends are; true friends listen to your problems, empathsize love you through them and do not increase your "problems" or help you "wallow in them".  Friends help you stand up, put your best foot forward and dance throught the rhythmns of life while looking fabulous of course!

Problems force you to be creative; and help you find solutions.  The minute you find yourself in the middle of a problem; and you have assessed you have to "Solve" it.  You become your own badass.  You realize, that you want something really bad and you are willing to put in the time needed to get the said Dream.  Now, you have to figure out how to "overcome" or "fly over" said problem to get to the other side of the path you have chosen.  Thus, you sit down put on your thinking cap and start getting creative.  Most of the times you do not have time to plan how to handle a problem; you just have to wing it.  Winging it is when your best you comes out.  It shows you how much you know, what you are willing to try, what your tools are.  If you can get your friends and co-workers or support network involved so much the better!  Three creative people are better than one!  Once you have gotten creative, and used something to solve a problem and it worked.  You now have life experience that is a tool for you to pull out and share with others and yourself of course to solve a "Problem".  Darn, aren't you clever?

Problems force you to focus. Most of the time our thoughts and interests are so scattered we have no idea in what direction we are headed.  But once we identify a problem we can take the time needed to focus, remain calm, and isolate it and deal with it.  If the problem is self created, then we can figure out why and how we keep on self creating problems.  Is it that we really do not want it?  Is it that we do not find ourselves worthy?  Are we one of those people that like challenges so that we can expand thus we always create problems to solve?  If so, and we are the issue then we are who we have to soothe, mold, talk to, and correct.  If not, then the problem is outside of us.  We need to see and realize is it possible that a person we love in our life is the source creating the problem?  Is it our "best friend" or "lover" that is constantly creating problems for us to solve to either bring us down; or get our attention?  Whatever the source is, identifying it looking at it with laser beam focus always makes us see the truth.  What we do with that truth, now that is the fun part! 

Problems help you emerge as the Master of Swank.   Forget "moves like Jagger" think  dapper, refined, slick, movie star confident like William Powell (whose images I used to help you see the beauty of problems).  Problems help you become more and more confident of how smart, gifted, and awesome you really are!  They help you look straight into the eye of the storm and say, I am not afraid I have handled worse and I can figure this out.  Problems teach you that you are resilient, have something to offer this world and the more and more of them you seek out; identify, and deal with the more chiseled and clearly you start to emerge as the Star you are.  Nobody or nothing worth noting in this world did not get there without dealing with problems, solving problems, refining their dreams, and acquiring self confidence.  Read a biography of someone you admire, or want to learn about (William Powell is very cool).  Their story is inspiring because of all they accomplished, who cares about how many cars they drove, their Boss friends, the awards given to them. Yeah, that stuff is cool I know; but they never would have acquired all that "icing on thier cake" unless they ran to their problems not away from them.

*  This is our 21st transmission in the 21st century; Drink deep!

How days go to hell in a handbasket quick

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Image source:

Doesn't some part of you secretly hate people who get up looking like this with a smile on their face?  They are awake, alert, before a cup of coffee even.  What if we told you that you could change how you get up and stop "screwing" up your day?  You may say, I am not screwing up my day...but yet you are.  It is is proven that the first FIVE minutes of your day sets your mood, intention, and expectation the rest of the day. Now go grab a cup of coffee and read on.

You stumble out of bed, and walk slowly to pour water in your coffee pot, or push a button and sit there waiting for it to slowly pour you a cup.  Then you put your ingredients of sugar, milk, creamer, honey, into it and Aaaaghhhh....You slowly feel human.  You quickly hop in the shower, get dressed, hop in the car, possibly eat something like a breakfast bar or yogurt before you go...and on the road you join many other warriors set out to grab their daily "provisions" for themselves and their loved ones.  THEN YOU SEE THIS.......

Image source:

Feeling tense yet?  Irritated yet?  This can quickly do it for you, mind finally has to think.  Which leads to grabbing the "negativity tapes" from your mind bank. Negativity tapes start reminding you how your co-workers said such and such, and your lover did not put the lid on the toothpaste, and you need more money you do not have, and quickly you spiral to despair and a dark place.

Emotions live inside of you on a barometer (a scale of types), you could assign vibration and music and rhythmn to them.  When you feel anger, panic, stress, your emotions slide down the scale closer to feeling fear and helpless and there is no lower feeling than helpless.  No one likes feeling helpless.  So here you are, stuck in a traffic jam listening to the negative tapes in your mind, and you find your hands grabbing the steering wheel tight, you getting angry at people in traffic, your shoulders knotting...Blamo!  You are off to a BAD day.....

Image source:

There is no need to fear...We can fix all this.  Stop playing out this same rut every day.  Quit it.  You are a magical you, and you are very very smart. We are now going to go back in time...that is right, step up to the time machine and let's go BACK and re-do this thing! (magical time warp music please)

Image source:

Let's start that day all over again shall we?

We are laying in a deep sleep, and the alarm reaches in and wakes us up making us realize it is time to get up and get on with our day.  We get up, go to the kitchen and fix ourselves a cup of coffee.  We put on our headphones, or sit at the computer and listen to a youtube video FIRST thing while sipping our coffee...we put on our favorite Happiest song.  This is our happy song, so hang in with us; you can use it to if you like it. 

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

This is what your sleepy brain hears Nina Simone saying to it: 

"Birds flyin' high, you know how I feel

Sun in the sky, you know how I feel

Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me.

Yeah, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, ooooooooh...

And I'm feelin' good.

Fish in the sea, you know how I feel

River runnin' free, you know how I feel

Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me,

And I'm feelin' good

Dragonfly out in the sun, you know what I mean, don't you know,

Butterflies all havin' fun, you know what I mean.

Sleep in peace when day is done: that's what I mean,

And this old world is a new world and a bold world for me...

Stars when you shine, you know how I feel

Scent of the pine, you know how I feel

Yeah, freedom is mine, and I know how I feel..

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me

And I'm feelin'... good."


Voila! You just waved a magical wand and changed your day.  Yep, it is that easy.  Now, this will not remove traffic jams.  It will not remove customers or fellow co-workers that might feel like they are pressing in on you.  However, you have already set your expectation for the day, and set your Magnet mind in a direction; HAPPY.

Which you might find, has you open to your intuition that leads you to a road Without a traffic jam; which leads you to no confronations with customers, and a skin that can never be thin anymore when you find co-workers jockying for the almight dollar and no more "throwing you under the bus" teamwork situations.  Yep, it is all here...Intention and vibration has everything to do with your experiences and what you see, do, interact with, expect, and live.  This is what some call........

If this sounds all a little to "Woo-Woo" White light/New Agey to you (like it did to me at first); then just try it ONE time and see how it works.  We Adventurers use this to make sure our days are always set to our highest vibration.  Happiness, personal happiness (Because it is all relative to you) rather than fear and helplessnes.

All that it is needed for this experiment is:  1. Your favorite happy song 

2. You to participate and do this first thing before you let the negativity tape play and then if you find yourself slipping later in the day, 3. Sing or hum, or say the words to the song during your "tense-fearfilled moment", you know how to sing in your head right?

****This is our 20th transmission and our playlist:

Joe Cocker:  With a little help from my friends

Jimmy Cliff:  I can see clearly now

Steve Miller Band:  I want to turn the world around

The Archies:  Sugar Sugar

Nina Simone:  Feeling Good

Santana w/ Eric Clapton:  The Calling

Pharrell Williams:  Happy

Men without Hats:  Safety Dance

Kaskade:  4am

Natlie Merchant:  Kind and Generous

Bachman Turner Overdrive:  Taking Care Of Business

Simon and Garfunkel:  Bridge over troubled waters

Queen:  We are the Champions

M83:  Midnight City

Bright Eyes:  First day of my life