The Quantum Myrrh

A Proto-Nest of the Church of All Worlds

Quantum Myrrh: E=QM (n)

Quantum Myrrh strives to
grow spiritually, live sustainably, celebrate diversity, and constantly evolve. 

We come together and worship sharing many different spiritual paths, traditions, and ways of being.  We support the blending of Science, Logic, and Magick.  We continue the legacy of our local traditions through teaching, our open circles, and participating in local and non-local Spiritual events.  We seek out social and civic causes that we feel passionate about and we support those causes with our money,  and time, conscious of the legacy we leave behind in the hearts of people, and the planet. 

Our worship space is a Historic Church located in the heart of  Midtown @ 1015 Cooper Walker Place, Memphis, Tn 38014.

You can Contact us by phone: 901-296-0800 or email [email protected]om